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Brian Gorecki
23rd July, 2015

Good, portable and practical

The Apollo was my very first vapor device so my opinions may still be considered a bit novice. Though I didnít start out on a good note as the original unit I received wasnít working properly, eShisha Club once they had acknowledged the problem sent a replacement unit out quickly.

The unit works well being lightweight, slick looking and a good balance between power and size. It is not intended to produce massive vapor clouds but a reasonable amount based on the liquid used. Iíve already found using a 50/50 PG/VG liquid in this unit is more to my liking.

What Iím impressed with is the battery life and liquid usage. The actual amount of liquid used and how long the battery lasts is outstanding! For me a battery and tank fill will last an entire day easily.

Note to first timers:
Do yourself a favor and donít get tobacco as your first flavour (everyone does). I can assure you will enjoy others more. Iíve used eShisha Vanilla and Cherry and both are far better, even mixed. This is vaping, not smoking and there are many fun flavours out to try.

I havenít smoked a cigarette since the third day Iíve had a vaporizer. This wasnít a plan or intended way to stop smoking, but so far it has been relatively painless to the degree of genuinely not really trying to quit. Iíve been a smoker for 40 years!

Yes, I recommend this product.


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