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8th May, 2015

My favourite e-cigarette yet!

I selected this on the basis of my experience of eShisha Club and other products that I have purchased. Their products are by far superior to many other alternatives I have tried and their customer service is spot on.

I already have the Venus e-cigarette which is a much smaller and discreet version of the Apollo.

eShisha Club very kindly sent me this to test after my positive feedback on the Venus; they felt that the Apollo would really impress me and it has.

As with all of their products, packaging and presentation is top notch and is of a simple but quality design.

The pack contains:

* Clearomiser & coil - this is larger than than the average clearomiser size and therefore holds a good amount of liquid - definitely at least a full days vaping worth

* Apollo battery - a funky design with some shape to it, which enables your vaping hand to mould around it. It has a prominent power button which is activated by pressing 5 times, which then flashes 3 times to confirm it's on and ready to go. Repeating the pressing of the button 5 times then turns the battery off if you want to save charge but I've honestly not needed to do this - the battery lasts well over 24 hours of pretty heavy vaping for me.

*USB charger - This is a white charger following the design of the Apollo and the battery is screwed in. There is a light on the charger which will display red until it is fully charged, at which point it turns blue. Charging tie on average is about 2 hours.

Also included are some very concise yet very easy to follow instructions, giving some good advise when first using the Apollo.

Having used for a few days, this is by far the best e-cigarette I have used and my favorite from eShisha Club's range. It's perfect for continuous vaping, is easy to get a good pull from and omits a great vape cloud. The battery life is fantastic, and it looks very stylish and different from the usual e-cigarettes out there.

I used with mint candy 0mg Club Stellar liquid, and think I have found my favourite flavour yet.

I can thoroughly recommend this to people looking for a high quality e-cigarette which will get lots of use and still have battery left at the end of the day, and for people looking for a powerful vape.

Different colour clearomisers can be purchased for the Apollo and I have just ordered a pink one. I would also love to see the battery in more colours, I'd definitely buy the whole range!

Highly recommend.

Yes, I recommend this product.


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