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Howard Wicks
22nd February, 2015

Perfect e cigar!

First of all I need to state that this is a very high quality premium product. Everything about it from the case it comes in to the way it feels in your hands is has obviously had a lot of work and thought put into it. One of my favourite things about this e cigar is that the cartridges aren't screw in, they just slot in. I find this great because it means there isn't any hassle when swapping between flavours. Also I love the soft tip on the cartridges, it just makes it feel that little bit nicer in your mouth. The case that the kit comes in is also really good, it allows you to keep things separate and looking nice. The vapour production on this pen is amazing for the fact that it runs cartridges, I would almost compare it to that of the Apollo, and if you have an Apollo then you know that this is very good! If you believe that you don't need a Bosello in your life, you are wrong, this is the perfect shisha pen that takes cartridges. I just can't wait for them to bring out more flavours for this! Amazing product, would recommend to anyone.

Yes, I recommend this product.


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