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Adam Midderigh
6th February, 2015

Great eShisha Cigar

The eShisha Club Bossello is a very good eShisha product, and definitely the best rechargeable eCigar thats available.

It comes well packaged in a very nicely styled box with nice carry case inner boxes containing the battery and charger. The package contains 2 cartridges (1000 puffs worth) a charger and a manual. The product itself has styling on par with the packaging, featuring a realistic ash effect tip, nice weighty battery and soft mouth piece flavour cartridges. The Bossello charges quickly in around 2 hours and normally lasts as long as it takes to use up 1 flavour cartridge. The cartridges have a good amount of puffs in them and some very nice flavours, my only point for improvement here would be to make the flavours stronger, cartridges like the blueberry and mint flavour are fine, but I found some other flavours to be a bit too subtle tasting for me.

Generally speaking the vaping experience is pretty good, allot of vapour is produced and the flavours are all very nice , with my early light criticism applying as to the strength of some of the flavours.

So overall its a very nice product, and if you're looking for a rechargeable cartridge based eshisha device then this is most likely the best in terms of design , vapour quantity and flavour. It is quite expensive at full price but you can see allot of effort has been put into it and all quality eshisha products are reasonably pricey so its not unreasonably expensive.

I'd score it 9/10 , stronger flavours and slightly cheaper refills and it would get a 10/10 (though I understand why the prices are what they are)

Yes, I recommend this product.


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